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We provide a unique line of products designed for your skin's specific needs. Created by the Licensed Esthetician Denise Bell, the priority for her clients is to have a skin care routine they will actually use, to achieve radiant and healthy skin.

Denise set out to create a line of products that simplified skin care so that her clients could make it a habit. It starts with 5 products. 

Denise Bell

"The secret to beautiful skin isn't a secret... it's a habit."

A background in photography, education & healthcare lead me to the world of esthetics. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas with a secondary teaching certification, a BA in Literary Studies and History. I worked for Kodak in customer service and in sales, and later in the health care industry. The skills I gained from my previous positions, particularly as a teacher, paved the way for what I do now - help people achieve the healthiest skin possible.

I believe that a great facial starts with a discussion of the client's goals in addition to a correct analysis of the skin. A thorough understanding of the skin and how it works is vital to get results. New clients answer questions about lifestyle, diet, stress, current home care as well as medications and allergies, so that an integrated plan can be made.

In addition to the professional treatments and devices available, as an esthetician, it is my job to understand products and ingredients, both otc and prescription, the risks and benefits, as well as how they address the needs of the client. Not only are ingredients important, but also the method in which they are delivered to the skin.

"it is my job to understand products and ingredients.. the risks and benefits, as well as how they address the needs of the client."

I love educating clients about their skin and the products they need to achieve vibrant, radiant complexions. When shopping for skin care items, it's really all about the ingredients. A brand can be important after you get to know it, and you trust the source. This can only be achieved with knowledge of ingredients as well as quality and efficacy. There is a lot to know, so it’s essential to find a professional you trust to help you find what is right for you.

My mission as a skin care professional is to create a plan for each client that is something they will be able to incorporate in their daily lives. Compliance is everything! How you feel about what you're doing is so important because it determines whether or not you will follow the plan consistently. Regardless of the skin care issue you are facing, you can have beautiful skin, if you are consistent. The women and men who make their skin a priority have radiant, healthy-looking skin. Sun protection, effective products and regular facials are the key to looking and feeling your very best!

5 Circle Skin Care

"These products help my clients have skin that is balanced, glowing and hydrated. It's like having an esthetician on-call."

- Denise Bell

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